Monday, May 2, 2011

Ciel Vignette



New Renaissance Bar Scene

Bar Scene

Sector Behind the Wall.


Here is my final. I'm running really late but I will be in class and I'll post everything to the blog before leaving. Sorry, I'll be there ASAP.

final vignette

the heroine descending into the poisonous miasma

Vignette Pit City Final


New Krell temple where they migrated to.  The queen sits on top, you have to climb up to fight her.

Vignette Home


Vignette Finish

Vignette Final.

See you all tonight!

Hey guys, looking forward to the final presentations of your semester's work tonight! If you have any last minute things you want feedback on, post it here on the blog and send me an e-mail letting me know, I will try to respond by lunch-time.

As for the presentation, make it look nice and presentable. Use some words to label things, and make sure you have a title page that has your name and the name of your world on it.

See you tonght!

vignette final

All year I've been waiting to do a shop scene and here it is. I really like how this turned overall, especially the colors. It's nice too to see all our semesters' work come together into an illustration.