Sunday, January 30, 2011


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Todd Pittman, a man from Cincinnatti, OH, falls asleep behind the wheel on I-71. He wakes in a city he's never seen or heard of before.

The society that inhabits Ciel is based in fantasy, worshipping mathematics as its religion, disinterested in beliefs identified as faith-based. The city is carved out of a mountain's peak, structured to follow the Fibonacci Spiral. Though Pittman has never seen anything like this city and the people who live in it, they have encountered humans before. The people resemble the mythological depictions of angels, perhaps in the same way dolphins and manatees have been mistaken for mermaids. There are other mountaintop cities like this one, but Ciel is the focus of this project.

This design bible will represent Pittman's encounters and observations of Ciel and its people as he tries to learn where he is and how to get home.

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  1. Great story! And nicely rendered mountain. Can't wait to see the angels.


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