Saturday, January 29, 2011

Colony 117

Key Points:
-General Terraforming Corporation wins contract to assess newly discovered planet Antaeus and its three moons for possible human habitation.
-Only the moon Tyche seems promising, as it appears to possess a vast network of lakes and rivers.
-GenTerra, corp. establishes Colony 117 on the surface of Tyche.
-Veins of iridescent blue-green organic growth spread across surface, stemming from central point in moon’s core. This is the ‘water’ seen from orbit.
-Organism’s cells contain 1000’s of chromosomes, and a redundant genome, making it almost infinitely mutable.
- Colony scientists genetically modify the Tyche organisms, combine them with mechanical systems, and incorporate them into the infrastructure of the colony.
-Moon itself is discovered to be a single super-organism made up of billions of colonies of specialized cells, much like a coral reef.
-Seasons are dictated by the lifecycle of the planetary organisms, including a “Sporing-Time” when all surface organisms on the moon simultaneously release their spores into the air to reproduce, creating a perpetual dense haze across the world.
-Spores are found to be extremely resilient, and can seed any carbon-based lifeform with the Tyche organism if inhaled/absorbed. If taken in, the Tyche organism will merge it's DNA with the host's, taking over the host's body in a short time. 
-The moon’s core is thought to be a dense neural network, in effect, a colossal organic supercomputer half the size and weight of Earth’s own moon. 
-GenTerra hopes to be able to modify the genetic code of Tyche's core, with the goal of harnessing the moon's organic systems to create self-sustaining, biomechanical industrial and military facilities. 

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  1. awesome concept and I like the interactive quality of the environment, it looks like a map showing a player's path in a video game


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