Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Rennaisance

This is my map of a city in this world I'm calling "New Rennaisance." It was really fun making this map, it really pushed all of the limits of my knowledge of Photoshop I had.

I'm a particular fan of low fantasy type of stuff so I didn't go too extreme in future or past. This would be a few hundred years into our worlds future. A new age has come, New Rennaisance takes place at the beginning of new technology that can cure the world of all of its diseases: hunger, labor, medicine, and warfare. The world is the product between the emergence of people and technology, but it's not dystopic. There is zealous fundamentalism against this new step in technology and political turmoil. Most of all financial turmoil. Because of the public awareness of it all, riots have broken out among parts of the city and corporations have turned the way of gangs. Though now under martial law, there is tension throughout this city. Areas are very dangerous while others are upperclass safe-havens.
Few factions demand technological progress while others will kill to stop it.

Examples of this cutting edge technology will be seen throughout New Rennaisance, like robotic implants, warp technology, advanced genetic engineering, the dawn of androids, manufacturing.

In short, imagine the earth in startrek right before it became a utopia. This would be the few decades transitioning into a united technological world.

The city is called Newlo Odessa (random name). It's divided into 5 districts.

-Port District

This is where all of the laborers work, there are few buildings in this district, though few they make up for in size. Few of the factories go deep into the ground acting as mines. The primary sources of labor are fishing, mining, and manufacturing. Many of the laborers live in the dormitories in a few of these buildings but most of them commute from Lower Oldtown. This is also the source of importing and exporting.

-Financial District

This is the upperclass business district, the by-standards will be clothed in suits. Many of the businessmen live in the waterfront district. Most of the public haven't been beyond the borders of the financial district in years since the declaration of martial law. There are few towering buildings that can be seen in the horizon without windows.

-Waterfront District

This is the Malibu of Newlo Odessa, there are high-scale stores and large condo complexes overlooking


Not as nice as the Waterfront district uptown houses the middleclass and some historic buildings.


Most of Newlo Odessa populates these areas, though because of oldtown being the mouth of the metro and sewer system, oldtowners populate between the crevices of the whole city, and parts of the underground. This is the lowerclass portion of the city, it's aesthetically pleasing historic buildings have unfortunately been covered by a layer of new city in attempt to make room for overpopulation. The earliest settlers founded oldtown upon the formation of Newlo Odessa and is therefore the oldest part of the city, thusly named "oldtown" The lower portion of Oldtown is where most of the people live but many of upper-lowerclass live on the upper part of the city, this is also where some of the labor is provided.

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  1. Have you read any Karl Marx? His manifesto essentially is about his theory of capitalism and democracy dissolving into communism/anarchy, and how this will be brought about by technology developing to the point where virtually anything can be created for the price of nothing. It sounds like it's something you've already studied or at least heard of, but if not it might be something to consider (and your story wouldn't have to become especially Marxist or political necessarily).

    Your map looks good, though it looks like Blogger or jpeg compression blurred the sharpness - maybe try saving it as a .png instead? Png usually compresses text in images better.


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