Monday, January 31, 2011

The Poisoned Planet and the Sky Village of Orinoco

·       -The planet is completely covered in a cloud of poisonous miasma that streams from beneath its crust through fissures- the miasma burns flesh and is poisonous to breathe
o   The planet has not always been covered in poisonous miasma 
§  For as long as the planet’s inhabitance can remember the fissures on the planet have released poison clouds into the air, but only two or three at a time and only once every few years
·      - They developed masks and protective clothing to protect them for the brief time while the air was harmful until the winds could clear it away
§  There was a leader of one of the many villages on the planet who was paranoid that one day more than a few fissures could erupt so he and the only two other leaders who believed him began to prepare for that day; all of the other leaders thought they were stupid and wasting their time
·       -dug around their villages and fit the land with “balloons” that could be filled and used to lift the villages above the toxic clouds
·      - stockpiled all supplies they could need to be sustained for however long it took for the air to clear
o   As it happened, the three leaders were right to plan ahead because one day their fears were realized and the fissured began to erupt the poisonous miasma, covering the whole planet
§  The three leaders and their villages rose above the poison and survived, believing that everyone else was killed
§  Those left behind and unprepared donned their masks and protective clothing
·       -Many died and those who survived were disfigured and damaged
o   Generations passed and their offspring became impervious to the poisonous miasma, changed from the original inhabitance of the planet
o   A deep hatred for those who escaped above the toxic clouds was passed down through the generations of this New Race
o   Formed small tribes  
·      - Three Sky Villages (inhabited by the Old Race) are perpetually suspended above the toxic clouds by “balloons” filled with a buoyant gas that can be continuously replaced thanks to a species of plant native to the planet that changes the breathable air into a weightless gas
o   The three villages in order from largest to smallest are Parrolet, Orinoco, and Kyte
§  Communicate via carrier birds
§  Travel between the villages by glider
§  Do not know of the existence of the poisoned tribes (the New Race) below the toxic clouds

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