Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ciel Environment

Ciel Environment (Underpainting)

This overlooks one of the large archways in the souk. The circular path can be followed all the way down to the souk's entrance, to the mining grounds, or up to the library. There are several paths, and one likely does not go all the way from the bottom to the top of the city, but they all generally spiral around the mountaintop. In the top right will be the conservatories, the highest point of Ciel.

Reference I focused on was Spanish mosques, specifically La Mezquita and Alhambra, and architecture in Dubai. I also was intrigued by Arabian architecture and old villages. I found a city in Iran that is almost entirely built into the side of a mountain; the roads literally are on the roofs of the houses. Because I get lost easily when hopping around on Google, I tried to at least document what my images were of so I could remember if I wanted to look up more reference later.

Ciel Reference (1)Ciel Reference (2)Ciel Reference (3)

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