Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comm-Station Overlook

With my planet's scenario, it seemed important to show the scale of the planetary veins compared to the human structures. I played around with a few different approaches and settled on the idea of a view from one of the communication relays near the edge of the pit. I'm leaning towards the top one, since I feel like it captures a better sense of scale and distance, but I've posted the alternate as well since I couldn't make up my mind. For the final version of the piece, I'm going to have more structural forms in the pit, rather than just blue vertical walls, to make it more alive and alien. For reference I looked a lot at natural canyons here on earth, as well as sinkholes and hot springs. For designing the habitat (still to be done) I gathered pictures of antarctic bases, an undersea lab and nasa moon base concepts. I've also been thinking a lot about the organisms inside the planet, so I put together some images of strange plants, fungus, sea sponges, etc. 


  1. The nice thing about #2, though the pit doesn't seem as massive, is that it's a quicker read - #1 I first misread as a large chasm before I read that it's supposed to be the pit as well. It only starts to curve back around when it's behind the station -- maybe move that edge over to be more visible? The near edge of the pit could still be out of view?

  2. Boy, don't you steal my Dalol. I will hunt you down and throw you to the Rankor. Also, I like the bigger pit better.

  3. Sorry, but I'm ALL up in your dalol! But yeah, I like the closer up one better too.


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