Monday, February 7, 2011

CROSS- The Temple

I decided that if I had to pick a key location, it would have to be the Temple.  It is massively significant to the story- sacred to both Krell and Kid.  To the Black Star gang, it is their fortress.  To the Krell, it represents all that they've lost.  I wanted to temple to be impossibly positioned on a massive, eroding cliff, stranded in a sea of goo only accessible by a tall ladder.

Before I could even attempt to think about my final environment, I needed to think of a strong design for the temple itself so I went about thumbnailing...

and eventually went with...
and then went on to start thinking about the composition/color schemes...

MORE !!!!

Here's my refdump: I actually have way more but these are the main ones...  I'm looking at tons of geothermal hoohahs, mayan/roman architecture, general destruction etc.

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