Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Rennaisance Newlo Odessa

The main focal points of the city that I wanted the viewer to see where 4 main locations. Some industrial areas, the financial district business parks, old towns overhanging discs and a central tower that resembles something like the two towers in new york. I really want the more futuristic things to look like something that came out of bauhaus and some of the glass and neon structures in tokyo built ontop of historic buildings with french balconies and whatnot. I love how the wires and signs poke into the streets of tokyo and makes these really narrow pathways. Moreover I like the idea of the world trade center tower being seen from any location in the city. I started out by doing a bunch of thumbnails playing around with compositions, picked the few that I liked the most and reworked them into something a little more tight.

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