Friday, February 18, 2011

Nook/Cranny Thumbnails

Streetview Thumbnails

I've also started the revision for the other big landscape piece... hopefully this one's a little more interesting!
Updated 2/21/11

Ciel Landscape 2.0.2


  1. The reworked spiral is FREAKIN AWESOME.
    Great sense of atmosphere.

  2. Yeah! I think the visual impact of the spiral mountain is much more intriguing than the general street view!

  3. there's a really interesting book called "White Light" by Rudy Rucker, the main character travels to Cimon where physics is governed by the concept of infinity and the transfinite. (For example, he tries to check into a hotel, which has an infinite amount of rooms, but there's a problem, there's also an infinite amount of guests...and being a mathematician he suggests something to solve the problem...) anyway, your idea reminded me of the book


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