Friday, April 8, 2011

15x2 silhouettes

15 is a lot more than I thought. And I think I'm slower using this method.

So here are the two village heads of each of my villages. I thought this would be a good exercise for me to define the similarities and differences of the two cultures.

These are the mountain bears. I tried a few different ideas, is he OR she a hands on leader who always has extra lights and pickaxes with him or her... or are they just crazy-old and wise? The village was built on its gem and ore reserves (not really it was built on rock haha), so I'm guessing necklaces are a class marker.

And here are those silly bears who live on top the mountain in the snow. I tried to give them a more tribal look - survival's no. 1 priority! So they have lots of layers and are mostly covered from head to toe. I played with the idea of a shamanic leader type or maybe a big strong Russian dude.

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