Monday, April 18, 2011

Girl meets boy. Girl runs over boy.

also some prints for show.

bonus drawing experiment that I tried out in class.

its loosely related to Sector .

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  1. Pio-

    Is that last sketch what you are doing for the final vignette? I assume this is inside of the wall? I think that is a great subject matter for the last piece, since it is the one thing we haven't gotten much info on yet. I like to think that inside the wall is a mass of wires, tubes, pipes, tunnels, scaffolding, etc, showing the side of this world few have seen. It's like peeking behind the curtains of Disney World or somehting like that. There could also be a lot of junk hidden inside the wall, secrets not meant for ordinary citizens to see, clues to earlier times, or past wars and societies. Good stuff! I hope to see more of this piece! Let me know if this is indeed what you are working on for the final image.


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