Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vignette Home in progress

Placed figure in front more in the interior, using the holographic keys on the wall to open the window blinds, and the boy jumps on the sofa to watch the passing airbus.

The mystery door opens with sunlight beaming through the crack. They find themselves in a familiar place.


  1. I like that this piece contrasts in terms of color and warmth, but I am not certain exactly who I am looking at or what is going on. The poses seem a bit stiff, and I think you could move the foreground character into the composition a little more, instead of being right up against the side like that. Don't skimp on the details in this piece, lets see whats on the table and what the floor is made out of, etc.


  2. Sry for the confusion sean, it's not yet finished hehe, I will work on the details, just wanted to show colors I had in mind. And thanks, I will rethink character pose/position in front.


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