Monday, April 25, 2011

Tyche Vignette

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  1. OK, so I like this as a start, but I am wondering what exactly is going on. My guess is that we are seeing the deepest depths of one of the chasms, or are close to the heart of the planet? If so, you might want to think about having something, or someTHINGS, that look more like giant, bizarre organs. I think the real mystery of your world is: what is at the center of this giant organism, so this is a good place to hint at it. Makes me think of the scene in Aliens when the soldiers are getting closer and closer to the Alien nest, and the landscape gets weirder and weirder.... so I think you could play that up even more than you are now. If you want, you can play up those elements, and downplay the charcters as mere silhouettes, albeit silhouettes armed with weapons and equipment to aid them in their serach for the heart of the planet.... or brain as the case may be.


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