Monday, April 11, 2011

Props & Inventions

Forgot to upload my objects / props / whatever. I noticed when I was going through my posts that it didn't seem to exist, so I'm uploading it now. Sorry for the lateness. I have here a variety of objects and a couple of buildings I've detailed as they are major locations for food and basic sundry goods. There's also the P2 (Purse Purse), which is literally just a larger purse for more purses to be stored within, slung over the shoulder in some cases but can be constructed in many different ways. There's also the 'carry-it-all', the segway+shopping cart which is a personal vessel constructed shoddily allowing people to gather shit wherever they want and bring it home with minimal effort. I also thought about the Retarded Rabbit character, who appears on a lot of objects and themes in the neighborhood, a dope-smoking hillbilly cartoon rabbit who is supposed to have a sort of Duckman / Simpsons appeal to the inhabitants.

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