Sunday, April 10, 2011

Main Character Thumbs

Ideally, whatever format the production takes, I'd want this whole hoarders / 'Diogenes' concept to follow several central perspectives... but for the sake of the class I'm focusing on one of course. These sketches feature variations on the 'cat lady', an older woman in the hoarding community. I played with a couple of age types, some old ladies, some cougars and some younger hippieish women. This protagonist is also a mom and widow / ex. Her cat obsession takes on numerous accessory deviation and extremes. Names would be Kitty, Barb, Veronica, similar

The next 15 sketches are of the secondary character, child to the protagonist. I also played with some age ranges here. Some sons and daughters, middle-ageish and teen / tweenish. This secondary / child character would serve as the foil to the protagonist, a deluded observer of reality at least closer than the protagonist's. S/he pays the bills, often ends up feeding excessive animals, brings home food... Plays caretaker to some ridiculous extent for mom.

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