Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ciel Vignette

Underdrawing; going to paint this for next week/the final. There's not a lot going on, but I wanted to show one of the actual homes, especially since you would be spending a lot of time at this particular one.

I also really dislike his pose - hoping to make it look less herpaderpy when I actually paint it :P

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  1. Sam-

    BE careful with saying things like: " I will try to make it better as I go to color." This approach often backfires. I recommend getting the pose right first in black and white, then going to final.

    My issue with the environment is that it seems oddly meager for the world I have seen you create. I realize that not everyone lives an oppulent lifestyle, but it strikes me that no matter how modest someone's life might be in this world, they still may reside in structures that have some impressive qualities. I think of a lot of old european cities that have this grandiose architecture with high cieleings and huge walls that have now been broken into apartments and rented out to young people. It is an interesting contrast when you see a futon, some crappy hand-me-down chairs, and a box used as a coffee table inside of this once-grand and palacial townhouse. Think about an approach like that, maybe? Grand columns supporting an arched cieling, but with none of the trappings of the upper-class types....

    I like the falcon, but agian, mayb ehe could have a slightly more interesting perch.... Watch your perspective... do yourself a favor and actually do the work of plotting out your horizon line and vanishing points... it will save you headache in the long run.... it's better to spend the time now to get those things right then struggle through them in the final painting stage.



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